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Right side pocket?

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:banghead: OK, here is the deal. Some dumba** replaces the top shelter and closed the right side pocket and maybe forgot to connect the key lock cable????
This is the first mistake I have ever made :oops: (today)
Anybody know of a non-destructive way to get it open?
I would be eternally grateful. :bow:
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Try removing the panel below the pocket and reaching in through the opening and releasing the catch. I am talking about the black panel where the keyhole is and where the heated grip controller is/would be. You just remove the moulding like you are going to remove the shelter and then remove one bolt. This leaves a tab that holds the panel in place.
I did the same stupid thing

I tried everything,my fingers would not fit with the bottom panel remover,even tried to fish a hook to grabe it.Then I played like I had to change my air filter with 17 miles on the bike and got it out.No fun when you want to ride.
good luck
Good news MB, I got the key plate off with no prob, but as P Haze noted, my big fat fingers won't fit.
Looks like the top shelter comes off AGAIN :s9: :banghead:

:D Yeah, only had to take the top shelter half way off, but it is open and the cable is reconnected. Wonder how long before I do that again?
Thanks all for your input.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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