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White Lightnig said:
Fred I tryed your suggestion but it didn't make a bit of difference, as a matter of fact I disconnected the ring of fire compleately and I still had the alternator wine in the headset. It was not there before.
This has me stumped.

Wht Lightning
Here are some questions you might consider just to see if it shakes loose any
new thoughts that may help solve the problem.
Was your aux. input cable hooked up in that left pocket
or did you add it while in there doing the ROF?
If the aux, cable is installed, is there any chance the tip contacts are laying against something?
Is it definitely alternator whine (changes pitch with the engine spreed)?
Try the rear headset to see if the whine is there also.
What happens to the noise when you turn the intercom on and off?
Does it get louder if you turn up the intercom volume?
Now watch the darn thing go away while you're looking for it and not come back until it's inconvenient. :lol: :lol:
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