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I already know I just want the handlebars to move back so getting the REG risers with the ability to move them forward seems like I will have extra hardware (more metal mass) that I have no use for.
Is that correct?

Has anyone install the Kuryakyn risers?

I just want to move the bars back, about an inch
... not up, not forward, not in.

The "avaition" guy in my head says to try and get the lightest simplest solution to the problem
... usually a "one size fits all" (i.e. the REGS) has more holes and hardware than I know I need.

help ...


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I put the Kuryakyn on mine last Saturday. You can set them up 5 different ways, so check out their website and look up the risers (part# 7437) then click on "installation instructions". I set mine up 1", towards the center 1", and back 2". I wouldn't take a thousand dollars to go back to the original risers as the Kuryakyn are very comfortable and my back pain is gone and even the saddle is more comfortable. I'm 5' 10" tall with a 30" inseam and weigh 196# so you can use me as a reference. Be advised, the instructions that come with the risers are useless and don't even mention the included washers and two different size bolts, nor show any reference as to which way the risers install for either side! Print the instructions from their website and go with them if you buy. :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts