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HI Ya'll;

I bought a new (untitled) '16 wing (comfort) in 11/17 and have loved it ever since. In Jan/18 I installed the RIVCO Cowl lights consisting of a 2-ish inch round can housing 4 super bright LED's. The wiring was straight forward and they lit up the night.

1. Package was definitely Off.
2. Rubber backer was the same for each light (no left or right).
3. 6 months in, the Right side winked out.
4. 360 days in, the left side winked out.

Ripped everything out and sent lights back to RIVCO under warranty and they said they will "Look" at them. More details about me testing them, but I'll save it.

I've heard some good and bad things about these lights. I wanted some opinions. Also, I'm hesitant to rip off the lower cowl again and put the same lights in with them potentially burning out again and this time it's on my dime. So.

I still have the brackets bolted to the heads. Amazon and my local trailer store have zillions of light options. Since I already have the wiring, relay, switch, and bracket, I could put something in there with a lifetime warranty, rather than 1 year.

The Question:
Has anyone used lights from Amazon, or like you see on Jeeps, etc. with any success? I've asked RIVCO to sell me the Fairing bracket since they use the exact same lights for that area too.

Looking forward to the responses.
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