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Just a heads up. When purchasing a RIVCO trailer hitch, they recommend a 3"drop tongue for the Gold Wing.
Be sure to check your requirement before you order. On the Rivco your receiver will exit where your reflector is located on your rear fender. Mine measured 15 1/2" above the ground. My trailer tongue is 12" above the ground at level position. If you use a 3" drop tongue this would bring it down to 12.5" but when you add the trailer ball (3") to the tongue it is back to 15.5".
For a trailer measuring 12" level to the ground you will need to order a 6" drop tongue.
A final note: The RIVCO hitch is lightweight but very strong. The installation and instructions are very clear and easily done with basic hand tools and a torque wrench. Approximately 3 hours with no coffee breaks.
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