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Germany: (Short Dictionary of German Terms at end of page).



France see below:

Other driving terms:
Aire de repos: rest stop
Allumez vos feux: Turn on your lights
Attention au feu: Beware of traffic signal
Attention travaux: Beware roadwork
Autre directions: Other directions
Barrière de dégel: Trucks not allowed
Chaussée déformée: Bumpy road
Cédez le passage: Give priority to the other road
Centre ville: Town center
Chambres d’hôtes: Bed and Breakfast
Col: Mountain passes
Fermé: Closed
Gendarmerie: Police station
Gîte: Simple bed and breakfast
Gratuit: Free of charge
Gravillons: Loose chippings
Haute tension: High voltage power line
Hors gabarit: Road, bridge, or tunnel closed to vehicles exceeding certain dimensions
Interdit aux Piétons: No pedestrians
Nids de poules: Potholes
Ouvert: Open
Péage: Toll road
Rappel: Remember
Route barrée: Road closed
Sens unique: One-way
Serrez à droite: Keep to the right
Sortie: Exit
Suivre: Follow
Sur: On
Toutes directions: All directions
Verglas: Ice
Vitesse adaptée sécurité: Adapt your speed for safety
Voie unique: One-lane road
Voitures: Cars

983 Posts
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Just start by following someone else. I followed a bike going who knows where for an hour when I got off the Dover Ferry England. Wound up in Hastings.
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