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I had been waiting for the promised motorcycle mount being designed by Touratec before mounting my Roadmate on the wing. After someone on this board raised questions about the 10 gig hard drive being able to function properly on the bike I thought I'd go ahead with a temp mount and see how it worked. Simply put-- no skips, no hangs, no bobbles-- everything worked perfectly. I traveled on some of the roughest secondary roads in the area. The only time it lost my position was mid-way through the one mile plus tunnel at Cumberland Gap.

I have used the Roadmate in my truck since last fall and love it. I can see that it is going to be even more fun on the bike with so many mountain roads to explore in our region. If you do not want to fool with downloading maps, pre-planning routes, connecting to a computer, or purchasing memory chips, this may be the gps for you. It is preloaded with complete maps for US and Canada and has over two million business and points of interest installed. In addition it allows you to store up to 300 addresses of your own. It gives you a lot of flexibility if you want to make your plans as you go.

Everything has its good and bad. On the down side, It is not waterproof so keep your baggie handy if it looks rainy. It also lacks some of the features of the Garmin models such as giving you your current speed (it gives you the trip average) and allowing you to enter longitute and lattitude coordinates for addresses (it requires a street address or an intersection.) It will, however, give your current location in coordinates. It also lacks an external speaker jack, but it is just a matter of time until someone velcros a microphone to the speaker and interfaces it with the intercom. Simple... Right, you electronic wizards! You can hear the voice commands at moderate speeds with the radio playing , but I could not unterstand the instructions without turning the radio volume down.

Now, where are those roads less traveled I always wanted to get lost down?
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