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Rocket Trike Trailer - Anyone? Comments

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I'm looking at a trailer to tow my trike behind my RV and I found Rocket Trailers who makes the model 140TT for a trike. You can see it at:

I'm wondering, hoping, if anyone has had any experience with this trailer on any level and can offer some feedback before I jump on this.

Yes, I know it's expensive and I can get a flat bed trailer, but I'm paying for the lower weight, ease of storage of this unit and it's functionality. I don't want a flatbed trailer.

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First of those I have seen. Impressive.....
I almost got one a couple of years ago when they first showed up, a little pricey, but neat. I have some goo photos of it (original one) and I was going to make one but gave up on the idea.....
I have not seen one of those in person.
I have a Kendon dual trailer that the trike fits on perfectly. Plus, it folds up and stores out of the way. For about the same price range you get a trailer with a V shaped rock guard on the front. I wouldn't want to pull one of those low to the ground, close to the vehicle trailers very far without a guard.


just want to bump this once or twice and get feedback before I jump and buy this thing.
Like I stated above I looked into them pretty good in their beginning stages, and I was going to even make one for myself, but gave up on it due to time, and material. I did collect some of the material to start but didn't. I think it is a good hauler for what you are thinking of using it for, with one little thought or criticism on how you intend on using it with a motor home. That being that even with a skirt on the rear the motor home can and will kick up rocks and other road debris that the skirt will not stop. Experience is showing on that statement !! Now if they have a lower shield that would extend forward of the front wheel chock brace, and back toward the wheels of the trailer even half way that would offer some protection. I wouldn't hesitate to pull a Trike all over the country with my van or pick up with one, but they are bath much lower than a motor home, and don't through near as much as a set of duels, and a tag. It would store mostly under the motor home though when parked you are right about that. Have you looked at the Alumna Trike trailer TK-1 I think it is, (not sure) It is also light and closed sort of in the front, and easy to load, and I think run under the rear of a motor home at least up to the front plating guard. If you were intending on using the Rocket on anything but a motor home, I would say heck yea go for it.
A little more expensive I think, but possibly worth it.

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We have a TK-1 and love it. Easy on, easy off and the trike is protected from stuff being thrown by the truck's rear tires. The ramp stores under the bed of the trailer. The full-width ramp has lots of advantages.
This is one I saw on Craigslist tonight. It is not a TK-1, but looks like a good deal for $1k.

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Date: 2009-02-03, 2:06PM EST

This trailer was built to haul a Honda Goldwing but can be used for all bikes. It is made of high quality steel, with a diamond deck on it and a drive on grid iron ramp (located under the trailer). Chariot front end protects bike from road debris.Has 10 tie down points if needed. Has built in slot for front tire, and removeable back tire holder.Has a 3000 lb axle under it, with chrome rims/trailer tires. Also wired where you can plug the bike lights into the trailer to give you added brake/turn signals for those so called blind drivers behind you!!! Trailer cost over $3200.00 to build, asking $1000.00
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just want to bump this once or twice and get feedback before I jump and buy this thing.
I've never owned one but was searching for reviews on it and came up with this link. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link to the article. I had seen the review before and it has some very good points.

The trailer in that link is a three year old model/review by today's standards and is the smaller, single bike model, a bit different than the trike model, but yes, the same company.

Again, thanks.
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