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Took Delivery July 25th, 2010

0 miles Sport Honda Metuchen
Passenger arm rests installed

500 Miles - Baker Air Wings
- Utopia Back Rest
_______________***Road Trip North Carolina_____________

1000 Miles Sport Honda Metuchen
- Changed oil Honda full synthetic
- Changed final drive fluid
- Add On Luggage Rack
_____Road Trip****Niagara Falls__________________

4000 Miles Dreams on Wheels
- Changed Oil Honda Full Synthetic
4200 Miles
- Hondaline Rear Spoiler

5500 Miles begin Chrome additions
- Chrome front Cowl
- Add On Chrome Timing Cover
- Transformer passenger floor boards
6000 Miles
- Kuryakyn Iso Highway pegs
- Driver Kuryakyn ISO rider pegs
- Kuryakyn Chrome footpeg mounts
7000 Miles
- Chrome frame cover
- Kuryakyn Iso grip covers (removed at 12,000 miles not enough heat through grips)
7300 Miles
- Oil Change Honda Full Synthetic
- Final Drive Fluid Change
7500 Miles
- Kuryakyn Chrome Valve covers
- Shark Gills
- Chrome Scuff Covers
- Kuryakyn Chrome passenger floor board side covers
- Front Fairing Trim
- Front Intake Trim
7700 Miles
- Rear Spoiler running light
- Trunk light
- Chrome handlebar covers
- Chrome Rotor Covers
- Hondaline Fog Lights
8000 Miles
- GPS Invalid Operation Bypass
9000 Miles
- Oil Change Honda Full Synthetic
- Installed Trailer Hitch (Add on vertical)
- Add On Trailer Harness
- Add On Relay Isolation Unit
10000 Miles
- Installed Used CB Radio
12000 Miles
- Replaced Air Filter
- Oil Change Honda Full Synthetic
12300 Miles
- New Tires (Metzeler 880's) Front and Rear
- Rear Inner Brake Pad
- Final Drive fluid Change
12500 Miles
- DDM HID's Low Beams 55 watt 4500K
- J&M passenger Mute/PTT switch
12700 Miles
put the 55 watt in the high beams and put 35 watt in low beams
16000 Miles
- Changed Oil Honda Full Synthetic
19000 Miles
- Another set of Kuryakyn ISO Footpegs
19260 Miles July 30, 2011
- New complete rear brake pads (inner and outer)
19500 Miles
- Handlebar Risers
21000 Miles
- New Tires Front and Rear (Metzeler 880's)

_____________________Road Trip***DRAGON*****_________________

Had Back Surgery 3/2012
Had Hip Replacement Revision 7/11/2012

24000 Miles
- Changed Oil Honda Full Synthetic
27000 Miles
- New Driver Footpegs (Kuryakyn ISO)
28500 Miles
- Changed Oil Honda Full Synthetic
- Kuryakyn Lizard Light Starter Set (Installed in radiator grills and rear covers forward of saddle bags)
29000 Miles
- Complete brakes front and rear (rear had plenty of life left ~ fronts were completely worn)
- Replaced Transformer Board Brackets (Kuryakyn Recall Free Replacement)
31000 Miles
- Installed J&M CFBR-GL1800 Bluetooth system

**********April 1, 2013****************
Car Accident
Injured back unable to ride for a few months

32700 Miles
- New rear tire Metzeler 880
32700 Miles JUNE 29, 2013
- Front right fork seal leaking
- Rebuilt front forks under warranty at Sport Honda Metuchen, NJ
- Right Front Seal and labor free, Left Front Seal paid to have Progressives installed
- Had them replace stock springs with Progressive Springs
- New Fork Fluid (SS-8 10W)

33300 Miles
- Oil Change Castrol Activo-XTRA-4T 10-W-40

34500 Miles
- New Front Metzeler 880 (Purchased from Joe $100) Ryan from Sport Honda Metuchen suggested the Bridgestones as a better alternative to the Metzelers.
Bridgestone G709 130/70R18 front and 1 - Bridgestone G704 180/60R16 rear

35100 Miles
- Installed a wireless dual controller for my heated gear (Received as a gift from my wife)
The controller was installed into the shelter above the left front heater vent.
Ordered a Lizard Maximus from EBAY for $240.00 to be added at a later date.

35600 Miles
- Installed Lizard Maximus set of LED's.
- Installation locations include addition of one light each in the radiator openings to a total of 2 in each. 2 lights in the front opening in the windshield garnish. 1 light in each of the front vent openings. Two lights under the front fairing lighting up the front wheel area.

35800 Miles
- had a problem with the aftermarket chrome side kickstand. It bent while getting off of the bike in a parking lot while my wife was on the bike. Replaced the chrome stand with the OEM kickstand.

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handlebar risers

What are your impressions of the handlebar risers, now that you've had them for awhile? I'm thinking of doing the same thing. What brand? Where purchased? Ease of installation? Cost? Any before / after pics?

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What do you think of the Metzler 880's

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Metzler 880

I had a set of them--only lasted about 2500 miles. I've heard other guys luv 'em, but we ride 2-up and pull a trailer. They just didn't cut it. Have had Elite 3's and Bridgstones that also couldn't handle the load.

That's when I went to the darkside, and will never go back. With the CT on the back, the bike tracks like it was on rails. Need the pressure to about 44 and even the cornering is fine. Dunlop 195/60/16 :yes1:
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