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Hello everyone.

I am new to the South east and need some help planning a route for a 5 day mini vacation The second week of October. I am not dead set on these cities except Savannah (my wife wants to eat at Paula Deans restaurant) I am good for 400 miles a day and very flexible. I prefer to avoid 4 lane slabs as much as possible but understand that sometimes a stretch on a slab is sometimes a better choice than stop and go traffic through a city.

I am thinking Villa rica Ga, to Savannah, to charleston, to Myrtle beach and then ??? Would like to get home mid-day on the last day.
Going to start Thursday Morning and back home midday Monday.

some advice on destinations on those cites is welcome also.

We have been to Gatlinburg and that area several times and she doesn't want to go that way. She also mentioned going towards Alabama but i'm not familiar with great motorcycle riding in Alabama.
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