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Re: Route planing on a Zumo?

M&M said:
I'm sure this is a simple question for most, but I don't own a GPS, and thinking of getting a Zumo.

If I understand correctly, you can plan a route to get from point "A", to point "B", on your lap top, then load it to the Zumo. Correct?

However, can you leave your lap top at home, be out somewhere, and ask the Zumo how to get from point "A", to point "B"?

Make sence what I'm asking?

Thanks in advance
Makes sense to me Mack. You use Mapsource (comes with the Zumo) on your laptop to plan an exact route. When you don't have your laptop the Zumo can be programmed manually (looks like a PITA to me) or you can just tell it where to take you and it will do the work. I always bring the laptop with me, Dell 600m that is not to big.
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