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Route questions/Recomendations PA, NY, MA
I am heading up to West Springfield MA to visit my Grandpa who at this time (92) is not long for this earth, but thats another story. Thats the sad part of my trip. We plan to spend a few days helping out my Grandma taking care of things around her house that we know need to be done..etc..etc.

The good news, is that I am going to meet my Father in Virginia, and we are going to ride up to MA. together. My dad Is a young 72 and just got back into riding (vtx1800).

Yeah DAD!!!!!!!! Anyway, I was born and raised in VA., aso we already know our route from Lake Anna Va up into PA. 522 out of Mineral, VA. to RTE 15 (Culpepper) up through Gettysburg, PA..

I have looked at my maps several times, but am looking for a "scenic" route up into NY, towards Western, MA.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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