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rt 94

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Going to be riding to Fargo next week and traveling across ND on 94. Anything special about riding across ND in terms of Police, unmarked cars, radar, road conditions etc?
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Keep it really close to the speed limit.....
Not really, I usually keep it around 80, Keeps the trucks from passing me. Speed limit is 75 on I94. As for Road construction I don't think there is any at this time, but even when they do have construction, they move everyone to the other side in single lanes and only do 10 to 20 miles at a time. Roads are in great shape for the most part.

Drop me a note when you plan to be coming through Bismarck and we can I will buy you lunch somewhere. and I can ride with you for a little bit.

Just after you enter ND from the west you will go through Medora, Old time Western Theme town. And just a few miles east of there is the Painted Canyon rest area, sometimes buffalo hang around there.

Then as your are heading east you will see this giant Milk cow on the south side of the highway (don't ask). I guess we are into big animals here.. Because further east in Steel they have a giant SandHill Crane and then in Jamestown they have a giant buffalo.. Getting excited yet LOL
There's nothing too special about I94 across ND but it's a nice time of year for the trip. Everything is green, temperatures are perfect and the road is smooth and fast. Sounds like a good ride to me! Enjoy!
Then if he went north he could see a giant turtle. haha And then there is the Enchanted Highway along 94.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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