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RTE 8/24 (attention new & old)

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How's about we have a lil' get-together Wednesday? Looking for an excuse, as if we needed one, to venture down to ye 'ole CAPRICORN INN, Wilmington - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor
We've gained a couple of new members. Time we showed them the secret handshake and our most secretive hangout. Plus, I'm having Rodburger withdrawals. Noon. 馃崝 馃ェ
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Certainly was a great day yesterday! 66 degrees when I left home which is darn near perfect for me. All two lane roads except for a 12 mile stint on I64. Didn鈥檛 know a soul there when I arrived, but their wasn鈥檛 a dud in the bunch;). I was quite the novice in the group, Goldwing rider of only a few months, no cross country epics in the books, first RTE ever, I don鈥檛 even have a cup holder on my bike! Food was good and fellowship even better.

Yesterday is going to be hard to beat! I will say that with a total of a little over 300 miles total and the afternoon heat for the ride back, I took a nap before supper, maybe I should keep that to myself.:censored:
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All you Ohio boys and girls have all the fun ...............Mapquest claims 11 hours 35 minutes 758 miles from my home's front door.............Bullet Bob, love to meet you in person and shake your hand... Thanks for ALL you've done for me :love: :love: BUT since I now have seizures, no more longggggggggggg distance ride'n for me.........:cry::cry:

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