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RTE Tuesday, 5/17 finally!

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I'm not saying it's been quite a while but I've got to put ye 'ole Capricorn Inn in the Garmin just to remember how to find it again. Weather looks to be decent. Maybe Raw will bring his new AT to show off before he heads up to the frozen north. Rod's Capricorn Inn Restaurant
Noon Just remembered, I've got a doc appointment that morning. How's about 1 o'clock instead?
Come one, come all!
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Sorry Bob, had to blow out the bike’s cob webs with a cutie to Natural Bridge State Park.

Cloud Sky Mountain People in nature Tree
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Now it seems like I heard someone mention something about some restaurant in Cincinnati that had great Onion Rings.............
BB those onions rings mentioned in Cincinnati (actually Fort Mitchell, KY) will ruin you for ever wanting Capricorn Inn onion rings ever again. Not sure I want that responsibility resting on my head!

Not sure I can squeeze in another RTE before our launch date. Got a LOT of honey do's to complete at home and in Columbus before launch. Maybe a last minute called RTE may work. It seemed to work this last time getting the guys out.


FYI Fort Mitchell is a lot closer than Capricorn Inn to ya. I'm sure the below statement will carry over to the next RTE.

Lunch will be on me......
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I was working TOO missed it! But heading to DSR!
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Guess I admit to being a tightwad, but o_O $19 for meatloaf?? Sure makes the 'ole CI look cheap.....
Well now let's see.....

French fries are $2.50 at Greyhound and $4.99 at CI. Double the price at CI.

Onion rings at $6.99 at CI and $6.50 for a 1/2 order and $9.50 for a full order at Greyhound.

You ain't going broke at Greyhound.

I'd suggest the Hot Brown and not meatloaf at the Greyhound. Get it with country ham. It's $15.00.

A Rod Burger and onion rings will set you back $13.98. I'll front you the $1.02 difference it will cost you more to get the hot brown at the Greyhound.

But you still have to pony up for techdude2000.
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What the heck is "hot brown?" Gravy????? :ROFLMAO:
Let's see:
"original Biggie, $13.50 (rod burger)
Onion rings, $9.50
Total - $23.00 vs $13.98
Like I said, I'm cheap.......
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