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Two quick things . . .

Has anyone else had rub marks show up on the shelter after riding with the Gerbing Union Jack Suit? (LOVE the suit!)

Two, what's the best way to prevent this in the future? Clear cover, BMW pads, etc.??



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Tankslapper - Good Product

I have the Tankslapper protective covers to keep my overpants from scratching the paint on the top shelter. The Tankslapper shipped via USPS and arrived in around 4 days – little under $20 including shipping. Installed them according to the instructions found on their web site. No instructions were included in the package. ... e/main.htm

They installed just as claimed when following the instructions exactly. I’m quite pleased with this purchase. The thin plastic material is transparent and installed with water. They can be removed at any time and reinstalled, simply peel them off and reinstall as per the instructions. My wife didn’t even notice them on the bike until I pointed them out. They can be noticed if you look closely – they are not totally transparent, however if you weren’t looking real close, one would never notice them.

I feel like this was a good purchase and the product is performing as claimed. Would I purchase them again - yes.

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My leather chaps were rubbing the tank on my 1500 pretty bad.

So when I bought the 1800, I ordered up a clear plastic product from:

The product appears to be the same material as the "tankslapper", which
has worked out fine for a full year, still looking like new, despite the same
chaps rubbing on them all the time.

The CycleGuards package contains the clear plastic material for everyplace
on the Wing that you could possible rub anything, so the price is $30.
I only use the 2 tank pieces and take them off about every month to wash
and wax the area that they cover. No bad effects whatever!

Hope this helps.
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