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There was a post from a forum member on my original LED tail/brake light bulb replacement post (which, BTW, was pulled), who said that he had noticed when a buddy swapped his tail/brake lamps with LEDs that there was not much difference between the running lights and brake lights. He warned that this could potentially be dangerous as someone following the bike would not be able to distinguish when the brakes had been applied.

His post prompted me to do some testing on my own and I have determined that he is absolutely correct! If you have a Goldwing where all four tail/brake lamps illuminate in the trunk, this could pose a danger. If you have a 2012+ Goldwing (assuming you have not installed a jumper to illuminate all 4 lamps as running lights), then this is not an issue.

Here is my recommendation:

2001 to 2010 Goldwings or any Goldwing where all 4 trunk lamps illuminate as running lights:

Option 1: Don't replace the bulbs in your trunk with LEDs.
Option 2: Only replace the running light bulbs with LEDs and leave the OEM bulbs in the brake lights

2012 + Goldwings:

You can replace all four bulbs in the trunk with LEDs as long as you do NOT have a jumper installed. From the factory, only the two inner lamps illuminate as running lights, so when the brakes are applied, the outer lamps illuminate.

Note: If you DO have a jumper installed (eg: Electrical Connections jumper), as I did, you should disconnect the jumper on each running light wire. I used a small paintbrush with Plasti-Dip to seal where the jumper was removed from the wire. By disconnecting the jumper, your tail/brake lights should return to OEM functionality.

This potential problem does not affect the replacement of the running lights (tail lights) in the saddlebags, only in the trunk.

I have notified of my concerns and they are working on new documentation.
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