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Sandhills/Fayetteville area Shop?

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Any recommendations for quality shops in and around Fayetteville, NC area?
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No firsthand knowlege of their shop work... but I visited the Honda dealership down the road in Lumberton when I went to see my father last year. Seemed like a decent / quality dealership, with a well-stocked parts & accessory shop and a large garage in the back.

Clarkster is stationed there on the base with you somewhere... might wanna do a search for some of his posts, and email him.
I bought my '09 at the Honda shop in Rockingham ... about 60 miles from Fayetteville, IIRC.
While I didn't have any repairs done, I was very impressed with their shop, operation and service. (and the price didn't hurt either)
I used the shop in Rockingham. They did pretty good for me.
Thanks. Rockingham is not far at all. for the most part i will do standard maintenance myself... Thanks for the advice.
I've used the shop in Lumberton several times. Have been pleased with their work. Currie is the name.:p
Hey Joel...the only time my Wing's been in the shop was for a ft. tire replacement...but Carolina Cycles on Bragg Blvd did a great job - $50 labor (reasonable) and pretty knowledgeable mechanic (910) 864-0091

Hope that helps...also, hope your bike's OK...we haven't even ridden yet! :wrong:
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