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I got so many great ideas for what roads to ride when I posed a question a couple of days ago I thought I would see what y'all thought was a "gotta try this" food in SanFrancisco (or thereabouts).
I am kind of partial to seafood, but I love to try the untried. Hit me with your best memories of that killer meal in SanFrancisco!
Thanks in adavance folks!
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Dave - San Francisco has so many truly outstanding restaurants that a simple list just plainly doesn't do it justice. If you like seafood you might consider some of these that were recently singled out for great food - although Scoma's and Tadich Grill are two all time favorites.

1. Aqua - 252 California St, San Francisco, CA
After a decade, this impressive destination still turns out exquisite seafood in a plush setting.

2. Vino e Cucina - 489 3rd St, San Francisco, CA
Order carefully and be rewarded with fine versions of traditional Italian dishes at this appealing SoMa restaurant.

3. Swan Oyster Depot - 1517 Polk St, San Francisco, CA
Mayberry-style friendliness, impeccable seafood and affordable prices--this family-owned oyster bar has earned its legendary status.

4. Farallon - 450 Post St, San Francisco, CA
A celebrated under-the-sea setting and extravagant takes on seafood lure crowds to this pricey destination.

5. Cote Sud -4238 18th St, San Francisco, CA
An authentic French bistro in the Castro, offering traditional French cuisine in an intimate but open setting.

6. Scoma's - 47 Pier, San Francisco, CA

7. Pier Market - 39 Pier Ste 103, San Francisco, CA

8. Tadich Grill - 240 California St, San Francisco, CA
Open since 1849, today's diners can still eat like a gold prospector at this nostalgic San Francisco landmark.

9. P.J.'s Oyster Bed - 737 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA
This crowded New Orleans-style joint hasn't stopped celebrating Mardi Gras since it opened in 1979.

10. Hayes Street Grill -324 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA
Straightforward seafood in a comfortable, welcoming environment at this Hayes Valley staple.

11. Koi Palace - 365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA
Fresh-from-the-tank seafood stars at this big, bustling Hong Kong-style restaurant.

Enjoy your trip and if time permits the motorcycle roads are even better than the outstanding food.


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One of the finest and most memorable meals of my life was at Scala's Bistro on Powell Street. From the opening bread basket to the desert sampler our meal was a truly a great dining experience. The staff is exceptional and really into their work.
Stay away from John's Grill on Ellis Street and the Stinking Rose.
Saving up the pennies to return to SF. Send donations now, operators standing by.

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Don' have a lot of eateries that I'm familiar with in SF but a few down the peninsula, due south, are interesting.

If you want another Wing to do some really neat area tours drop me a line at my personal message or E-Mail me. I"m retired and have lots of time to ride. Besides this is my back yard lived in the Bay Area for 48 years.

Don't feel any pressure to contact me I know that a planned vacation has little time sometimes to go outside the "Plan" . Whatever you do, do take the time to enjoy the costal area north of SF on hwy 1, if it isn't foggy.

Safe and enjoyable journey to you both.

Buck Yellow Wing :lol: 8) :lol: :goflag: :yw1: :22yikes:
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