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My Sansa is about 4 months old, the E270 type, with 6 gigs of flash memory.
It developed a problem in that it would not read the song titles, just 00000's, but they were actually square looking 00000's. I also had problems turning it on, as it would not really turn on, just start to turn on, turn itself off, and keep that cycle going indefinately till the batteries died.

I found out that there are firmware updates that fix the problem. I got the wrong update at first, as it was a program that would access my E270 and determine if there were any updates that it needed. I found out that THAT program should've been the second update, not the first.

Either way, if you have had any issues with the E200, call 1-866 SANDISK and they will point you in the right direction, and even stay on the phone with you while you make the changes.
Excellent Tech Support.
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