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Just a comment. I have my IPOD and SATELITE XM running thru the Kennedy Technologies harness, and they have checked it out. TO ME, the sound quality of the SATELITE Vs the Ipod is not the same. The IPOD sounds much clearer,closer to CD sound but the SATELITE is more convient. JMHO
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Never thought I would pay for satelite radio either, but now I can't see being without it, and I don't have to be because I got the $499 lifetime subscription. Never pay another bill! Thats almost free.....kinda.... anyway I chose Sirius for that reason and others. they have a patent on technology that will double the amount of channels in their alloted bandwith. They just paid Stern 8 Million dollars. On their 80's channels are all the original MTV VJ's, and so forth and so on. The reception is great in all but the most dense trees, and in the big cities, their signal is suplimented with terrestrial boosters. Don't let me or anyone else sell you on one or the other. Check into both of them for yourself and you decide. Bottom line is either one is worth the money! IMHO!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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