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Just a comment. I have my IPOD and SATELITE XM running thru the Kennedy Technologies harness, and they have checked it out. TO ME, the sound quality of the SATELITE Vs the Ipod is not the same. The IPOD sounds much clearer,closer to CD sound but the SATELITE is more convient. JMHO
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Yeah, IPOD's should sound better. MP3's are encoded at a higher quality than XM.
Roadie said:
with the satellite radio can you listen to the same music station no matter how far you travel? Does it work even in the mountains? Are the music stations always clear without ever any static?
Yes, Yes, and Yes....

You can travel from Florida to California and never change the station. The only time you loose signal is when you loose line of sight to the satellites. Such as when going into a parking garage or though a tunnel. Never static, with digital it's either there or it's not. And with Satellite radio I hear stuff that there would be no way for me to hear any other way. I can hear the exact genre of music I want and I absolutley love the comedy channels.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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