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luckyman said:
On Sept. 27 I rolled into the parking lot at the Gap after making the ride up Highway 129 from Topton. The place was packed as always and I felt like everyone was watching me, which they weren't.

I parked the Wing quickly as I needed to pee. Ran up to the store and there stands the Yellow Wolf guy at his bike watching a video. I asked him where the restroom was and he pointed inside and said to the rear of the store.

As I came out I wanted to go say "hi" and meet Rick, but he was engrossed in conversation with a potential customer so I passed on interrupting.

After waiting a few minutes, I decided I needed to make my run down the Dragon's Tail. I waited for a small group to get started, then followed a single sport bike out a few minutes later. I figured there was no way I could stay with him...............but I was wrong.

Long story short, this Wing really handles well in the tight curves of the road. Easy to brake in, power out, and flip from side to side.

I stayed with the sport bike as we passed three other sport bikes and a cruiser. Finally, the rider I had been following halfway down the run slows down and waves me around. I passed him and pulled away quickly.

I was so proud of myself. I had passed half a dozen young (relative term) guys on smaller bikes. I had only been passed by two and was able to let them pass almost immediately. I had flipped the Wing back and forth on each and every curve. I had only crossed the yellow line once, and that was when I came around a curve and came face to face with a camera team, which distracted me temporarily.

I was beaming with pride..........but tired. Then, I spotted a place to pull over. It was a lookout, with bikers on one side looking over a lake and no one on the other side. I chose the vacant side to pull over and rest a minute.

If my beaming pride was showing, it soon disappeared. As I rolled the Wing to a stop with an audience of 20 or so bikers, my rear brake was soft so I did the no-no. I used the front brake to make the final stop at 2 mph. Didn't realize the pullout was on a slight downhill.

You guessed it. At zero mph, the Wing goes over on the right side. I guess all that twisty riding got me a bit dizzy. Anyway, set it back upright with the help of another biker. No harm done, other than to my ego. Never even took my helmet off, just drove away with my tail between my legs.

I may have ended the ride like a dork, but I'm still proud of my ride down to that point. Fifty seven years and two days old and forty years of riding and it felt good to ride it aggressively...............and I didn't die. :D

The bear? Oh yeah, a big bear ran across the road right behind me as I drove over the mountain from Gatlinburg to Cherokee. I saw it in my rear view mirror. About a second sooner and I would have had to dodge it. He was really moving too.
It's that kind of riding that makes you feel alive and plants a grin on your face that's hard to wipe off. Thats why I love my Wing. T. 8)
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