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The following site is an excellent one. Kudos to Alan....


I'm interested in putting some scuff protection for my new 07 before I end up scratching up the fuel tank. I tried to pull up and ended up getting a bunch of referrals. Trying to find a phone number to give them a call...

If anyone else out there has any input it would be appreciated.

Gene in Sierra Vista (AZ)

P.S. It was 7 below zero when we left Anchorage early this a.m. Burrrr..

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Hi Gene.When I bought my 04,It already had a film on it (both sided of tank/bottom gas door/in front of your knees/ both sides of center rear section,where your helmets would touch when hung)

I did an Internet search and found this film. ... e/main.htm

Turns out this shop is right up the street from me,and I went up there to replace the left side tank piece I scuffed the very first time I got on the bike.

The owner of the company was great,and after we talked a bit,He fitted 45 Mil clear headlight protectors on my bike as well as cowl running light protectors.

The 3M film on my bike has the adhesive,yet can be removed without harm to the paint.BTDT.

Give them a try..a few of my friends that had already scuffed their tanks with there legs,wished they had the 3M film that's on my bike.

Sorry for this being so winded. :oops:
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