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Does anyone know an easy way to search for other riders in a given location, i.e. Colorado. When I sort the memberlist by location it is sorted by the first name of the town. I did not see a way to do a retrieval on Colorado or CO that would provide the desired results. Appreciate any good tips. Thanks in advance.

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There was a way to do that very thing with membership utilities using the old message board. I haven't tried doing it with this new board yet.

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Better yet I wish everyone would list in their profile where they are from.
That way you can make contact with someone in your area or a destination ride you are planning.

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The Colorado members list:

Search Results for Subscribers
Records Found: 108 Member # Handle First Name City State Country
25 Colorado Larry La Junta CO US
33 hankz Henry Niwot CO US
35 Doug Denver CO US
67 RedHeaded Kraut Jerry Colorado Springs CO US
98 ColoradoBlue Jim Colorado Springs CO US
133 foster Wm Foster Federal Heights CO US
194 Eagle Jim Jim Walsenburg CO US
198 Scott Scott Parker CO US
216 Red Rider David Aurora CO US
225 womanrider mary colorado springs CO US
239 John John Evergreen CO US
362 dls02silver Dave Colorado Springs CO US
430 gw1800rider Lewis Colorado Springs CO US
524 mark denver CO US
555 RussGo1800 Russell Westminster CO US
573 Rumble Buck Bill Arvada CO US
574 Rumble Bunny Jonna Arvada CO US
578 yellowwing Donald Arvada CO US
653 Tof Kristofer Buena Vista CO US
799 butterwings susan lakewood CO US
800 Grand Pinon ss lakewood CO US
843 Hummingbird Bill Craig CO US
871 Grandpa Eric Colorado Springs CO US
923 Smuckers Don Aurora CO US
983 SLIPH Ron Littleton CO US
999 Tenderfoot Wayne Lakewood CO US
1039 Canyon Dancer Don Loveland CO US
1067 Boyce Boyce Grand Junction CO US
1087 Dee Duane Elizabeth CO US
1097 diger Steve Grand Junction CO US
1182 STINGER Randall Pueblo West CO US
1241 Tom Tom Westminster CO US
1243 Frank Frank Colorado Springs CO US
1378 The Max Ron Littleton CO US
1448 Java Man Harry Loveland CO US
1518 David David Littleton CO US
1521 Orngwngr Larry Aurora CO US
1543 duck jeff denver CO US
1548 Andy Bayfield CO US
1581 Big T Tony denver CO US
1637 markdog mark denver CO US
1640 SPasse Scott Aurora CO US
1689 rodhm rodney haxtun CO US
1717 Yosemite Patrick Colorado Springs CO US
1738 George George Denver CO US
1764 computerdoc George Aurora CO US
1771 GhostRider David Colorado Springs CO US
1795 Jack-b-Nimble Phil Montrose CO US
1799 GnA Andrea Thornton CO US
1800 Yellow SubmaWing George Thornton CO US
1854 MarkT Mark Franktown CO US
1856 paul h paul colorado springs CO US
1864 SteveS Stephen Greenwood Village CO US
1865 WingNutZZ Dave Woodland Park CO US
1887 FuzzyWuzHe Alan Grand Junction CO US
1997 Randy Randy Greeley CO US
2061 Mudbug1 Wayne Lakewood CO US
2120 Ron Ron Highlands Ranch CO US
2166 b52ac Bob Colorado Springs CO US
2183 manitoujoe Joseph Pueblo CO US
2241 David Fort Collins CO US
2279 FalconWing Joel Peyton CO US
2286 duck jeff denver CO US
2339 mmutch mark Bailey CO US
2350 horse trader Chuck Wheatridge CO US
2376 Stevelsd Steve Fountain CO US
2381 bridger jim Colorado Springs CO US
2435 Gambler John Lakewood CO US
2539 Strider Rick Boulder CO US
2613 TinMan Michael Berthoud CO US
2687 mac2002 James Longmont CO US
2725 bottomrocker D Arvada CO US
2731 chasone charles aurora CO US
2743 CHICAGO Chicago Denver CO US
2761 Bear Bait Karen Wheat Ridge CO US
2779 CD Dave Colorado Springs CO US
2825 Steamer Stan Centennial CO US
2852 winged tarheel Bill Aurora CO US
2902 Diavalos Bill Pueblo CO US
2989 colorider hank fruita CO US
3001 Larry Highlands Ranch CO US
3106 LazySanta Donna Lamar CO US
3424 Mike Michael Colorado Springs, CO US
3543 snow Jerry Denver CO US
3544 Barb Barbara Denver CO US
3553 Baron Doyne Colorado Springs CO US
3672 Yosemite Patrick Colorado Springs CO US
3833 buginout Britt Rye CO US
3865 Paul_Delia Paul Evergreen CO US
3927 FalconWing Joel Peyton CO US
3932 grclpd11 G.R. Loveland CO US
4020 dax Dale LA Junta CO US
4031 Sandman Sandy Grand Junction CO US
4128 fitzy1 Jack Boulder CO US
4276 Evil Andy Andrew Colorado Springs CO US
4334 Sandman Sandy Grand Jct. CO US
4422 tlwng james evergreen CO US
4445 jduvall joel westminster CO US
4541 TRU BLU Rory F. Lakewood, CO US
4568 FL Orange Bear Don Boulder CO US
4660 pgreen7436 Phil Arvada CO US
4668 wyman jim peyton CO US
4681 Colorado Wingers Mike Lafayette CO US
4821 CO/FL Orange Bear Don Boulder CO US
4848 manitoujoe Joseph Pueblo CO US
4919 colowing Jim Colorado Springs CO US
4923 Sandman Sandy Grand Jct CO US
4987 parisjet dave colorado springs CO US

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Thanks everyone, however...

...that is a listing of those registered on the old board and does not provide a way to contact others here. Would like to be able to pull their profiles so that I can send (as desired) someone an e-mail or PM, thus allowing us to perhaps get together for a ride sometime. I belong to a Valk club here in CO, but might want to hook up with other members of this board sometime. Looks like no one else has figured it out thus far. We'll see what happens. :banghead:

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I see what you mean now. As far as I know on this new board all we have is the members list, and it goes by number rather than by state or name.
Being able to search by state like the old board would be handy, wouldn't it. Hint, Hint, LaMonte. :lol: :D :eek:4:
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