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Lone Ranger said:
Does anyone make a lower seat for the new 1800s for someone that has a short inseam 30 in.? Thanks
After reading all the posts here (and there are LOTS) I did my own.

It's not too hard and it came out fine
... I've managed to shave it down by almost 1.5 inches.
Just take the foam off the flat bottom and not the sculpted top.
The front foam (driver) is separate from the back foam (passenger).
I only "peeled" the cover back half way, enough to just remove the driver foam.
Just try and shave off large thin sheets rather than small chunks.
That way if you take out too much you can just glue some back on.
One of those electric knives (Turkey carver type) works great.
Leave some extra foam right at the front (where you don't sit) otherwise the small gap where the seat meets the gas tank will become too large.

Again, if you screw it up, you can always glue some back.

Before, with a stretch, I could stand flat with my VERY big "Frankenstein Motorcycle boots" ("HD high tops"boots actually);
now, with the same stretch, I can just about stand flat in my sneakers.

Actually an unexpected benefit, the stock seat used to crunch my "boys" if I did not not get everything arranged just right;
now, that issue seems to be much less critical.
The seat actually seems much more comfortable with the extra foam removed
... maybe I just accelerated the "break-in" process?

(29in inseam ... 2007 wing)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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