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Seeking Advice for buying 2003 Goldwing.(Edited)

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(Edit: I am looking for weekend ride. Not daily commuter.)

Hey everyone, new in the forum. (I don't know if it's correct place to post, sorry if wrong)

I want to buy a second hand Goldwing but kind of hesitate and need your experienced helps.

I had a 2017 Burgman 650 earlier and I really liked the large and heavy body, comfort, wind protection, abs, car mirrors etc... But eventually it was a scooter and I wanted something more like a "motorcycle". I bought a Kawasaki VN900 cruiser. (mistake!!) I like it but I found that I really miss the specs that I mentioned above. So now, I want to change my VN900 and thinking about something larger, more powerful... maybe second hand R1200RT or something similar. I never thought Goldwing before. I thought it would be way too heavy, way too expensive to buy and maintain, way difficult to ride... But after a few youtube videos I think I'm in love with the Wing!!

I found a 2003 GL1800, Imported from Japan (with a windshield wiper, photos below) probably low mileage (still waiting for answer from seller). Haven't seen the bike yet. And there will be no test ride. So any consideration about 20 years old Goldwing?

I'm living in Hong Kong, so there's no long trips, and usually hot/wet weather. Do you guys Goldwing is too much to ride around small city? Any help will be appreciated.
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It is big, long and heavy, so if you need to do a lot of parking in the city or do lane-splitting, it will be a lot or too much to deal with. Does it have reverse? You will want that for sure, as getting it in and out of places is difficult without it. Do you see any other GL1800's in HK? There presence or lack thereof, in. both the main city as well as around othernparts of HK may be telling. As much as I love my '08 GL1800 and have zero problems with it in heavy traffic, I think there are many better bikes for this situation.
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Hey I appreciate your comment.

I forgot to mention that, it will be only a weekend ride. I will not ride as daily commuter. As I know it has electric reverse. There's not much Goldwing or even large bikes in HK. Either scooter or sport bikes are popular. I don't really enjoy leaning forward uncomfortably. Also I will enjoy the storage capacity.
Then the GL1800 might be really nice for you. It's a great bike in every regard. Quick, handles great, great braking, excellent storage, very comfortable. You would benefit from taking an advanced rider training course as soon as you get it to develop your slow-speed expertise. Once you master the slow-speed skills, your GL1800 will not feel anywhere as big as it does when you first get it, and your confidence will go through the roof. Enjoy!!!
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