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Here is the really scary part ...

Many people can only get into a nursing home under Medicaid,
and then, only after liquidating their worldly possessions to under $2,000
(excepting home and car).

If you don't use Medicaid, then you must "pay your own way"
and you're looking at $7,000 or more per month ..
(and that is on the low end; many nursing homes charge more).

The "cap" for admission into Medicaid is about $1,100 per month
(total income.. SS plus whatever pension you may get).

So ..
if your total retirement income is more than $1,100 you'd better be able
to foot the bill for your own "final" days at $7,000 or more per month.

How many retired "seniors" make more than $1,100 but less than $7,000 per month?
... A LOT ....
and they are screwed...
... "final days" will be in cardboard box on the sidewalk.

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