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Bought New May 06

At time of purchase:

Honda Gold Wing with ABS, Navigational System, Premium Sound, Comfort Package, Titanium Color
Honda Fog Lights and Covers (would not do again) -would go with real Driving Lights - plus the Honda covers are plastic "wraps" that screw onto cowling - messes up look of bike - upset that dealer put them on.
Honda Passenger Armrest
Honda CB Kit/Antenna
Honda CB Antenna (changed to Sierra Antenna later, stock Honda Antenna has poor reception)
Honda Mat for Trunk (w/o CD)
Honda Deluxe Saddle Bag/Trunk Bag Liner
Trunk Net
Gold Wing O/M Folio
Honda Lid Organizer
Honda Saddle Bag Organizer (2)
Saddle Bag Cooler
Honda Rear Spoiler w/ Break Lights- Titanium
12 volt Accessory Socket
Chrome License Plate Frame
J&M - Arai Classic w/ built in J&M headset - Titanium Size 59-60 (7 1/4 - 7 3/8)
J&M - KBC Shorty (Small) 1/2 Helmut w/tour com - Titanium
J&M Lower Chord HC-ZB
Passenger Audio Contoller - Push to talk/volume control
J&M Cell Phone/GPS/ Radar Detector Integration Kit for GL 1800
J&M Satellite Radio Installation Kit SRMK-GL1815
Kuryaykn Highway Pegs
Kuryakyn Luggage Rack
Kuryakyn Light Kit for Trunk (Chrome Lens)
Kuryakyn Light Kit for Saddle bags (Chrome Lens)
Kuryakyn Brake Light Pulsator
Kuryakyn Trunk Spoiler Run-BR MOD
Kuryakyn Fork Brace
Kuryakyn Amber Turn Signal Lights for Mirror
Afdapter for Turn Signal Lights
XM Satellite Rado
Valentine 1 Radar Detector
RAM Mounts for Radar Detector and Driver Butler Cup Holder - custom modification required to adapt -screw RAM ball onto Butler rings use small and large rings for differnt size Bubba Cups - smal one for coffee - large one for water and cold drinks.
Passenger Butler Cup Holder that fastens under antenna mount - GREAT!!

Dealer service at 600 miles - ouch!

Subsequently added:

Handle Bar Risers
**** O Pegs - took off - did not like
Kennedy Duo Aux and harness for hooking up I-Pod
EC I-pod harness (for charging only - audio input will not work with Satellitie radio on bikes aux audio - (use Kennedy for audio feed)
J&M - Interface for Valentine 1 Radar detector (to bypass Valentine's audio box)
J&M - CFRG Blue Tooth Adapter for Phone
Torq Master Pipes - Exotica
Tulsa x-tall Windshield
Road Trip Essentials - Titanium painted radio cover, radio knobs, instrument meter panel cover, custom keys with knob ends
Interior light for trunk
Tire plugs
Air compressor
Sierra combination C.B. and radio antenna / dummy antenna
Sierra splitter for for antenna
Sirera fold over antenna mounts
Lighted license tag frame
Speedo Healer - speedometer calibration unit

Replace rear tire with Bridgestone at 1,600 miles due to road hazard (screw)
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