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I decided yesterday to try satellite radio. My FM stereo seems to be fading out way too much. It was easy to install since the short cable that connects from the radio to the 1/8 mini plug is already in the left glove compartment. The previous owner had a satellite radio, but I did not want his. I mounted the antenna on the left bottom corner of the shield and ran the wires behind the rubber molding and into the bottom of the glove box. I enlarged the bottom hole to accomodate the extra 3-4 wires that will go in there. There already was a 12 volt accessory outlet in there, so now everything was ready to be hooked up. I notched out the bottom center of the door and of the inside molding to let the wires feed out right to the XM which I mounted on the lower corner of the glove box door. Everything works great.

Left: Sirius XM mounted
Center: Garmin Nuvi GPS mounted
right: Full console with everything


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