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KA7W said:

That looks like a pretty good tire. And the Speedo error would be close to the OEM error !!

When I was running the 195/50 and towing my trailer, that was a great combo because of the torque at the rear wheel... Geared down a bit..

I still have a while before I have to decide which car tire to buy, lots of miles left on present tire !!!!


There isn't much difference between the 50 & 55 series as far as the Speedo is concerned.

The FM901 was 6 Mph faster than my GPS.
The Pirelli is 5 Mph faster than My GPS.
The Stock size E3 is 5 Mph faster than my GPS.

The Pirelli is the same OD as the stock size E3 and the new 704 Stone I have here.
The Pirelli has a rounder profile than the 901 does.

Tom F. I believe the sipes on the outer tread with disperse the rain water with ease,there is a about a 1/8 width in the sipes,and we all know that we tend to slow down when were riding in the rain,So that fact will allow rain water out,so much better that a R/T ever could/would.and still have great traction.And your correct about the front tire clearing the rears path.

Funny thing is,After riding hard on Stones in the rain on my way home with this bike,I never thought about rain traction with a C/T seeing what these round tires can do.And the front is leading the way.
So if I was to worry about traction,it would be the front that I'd be concerned with before the rear in the rain,because of the sipes to allow rain water out rather than try and hydroplane up on it.
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