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Smokey Mtn Ride In...

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Any of you going to this event in June? We should meet and ride to Bryson City together.....
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ride in

yupp i am max :evil:
ride in

I signed up also. Will try to ride up Wed.
Planning on it. Have reservations made.
bear.....We need to go up together.....I'm near the airport....
Leaving from my house Friday morning. Couple from Alabama (EZONDAI) are riding up with us. Come up and join us. I'm taking backroads twisties up there.
Hey maybe we can meet up too, and ride with you beautiful people!!! We're going Friday too. What time are you meeting EZ?
Sounds like we have several folks headed up...thats great. As we get closer to the date we'll circle back and make arrangements. Some are going up Wed....I think I'm going up Thursday but there are enough that responded that we'll all have some folks to ride up there with. I'm really looking forward to it.....Some of the Alabame folks want to go up with with us too...we'll let them as long as they behave!!!! I'm just kidding guys !!!
I will be going along with a couple of others.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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