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Copied from another thread:

i have about 30 stem sockets left, they will work on the 1200,1500,1800 wings, the Valkyrie, the VTX and probably most other Honda motorcycles since the mid 80's

i don't know how to post pictures but you can see the tools here ... +cycledude

$39 shipped to 48 states, $6 extra to Canada
most folks have paid with a personal check
i also take paypal
my email address is [email protected]

STAINLESS STEEL STEM SOCKET $39 shipped to 48 states, $6 extra to Canada ... =4&t=21594
email [email protected]
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Can anone help me contact "cycledude" I need to buy a steering head socket from him. I've sent 3 E-Mails to him and have yet to receive a reply
If you can't find CycleDude, you can get that socket from your local Honda dealer (prob have to order it) or even from our forum sponsor; Hal @ Honda Direct Line. :thumbup:

The '01/'02 Maintenance Manual lists part number 07916-3710101 or 07916-3710100. That may have changed by now, but the order desk should be able to cross reference for the newer part number.

Good Luck!
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