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I'll just have to take the day and ride to make sure all the roads are clear for the "Gathering". Oh, the sacrifices I'm willing to make for you guys/gals.
:yes: :yes:

Marble Falls Weather:
Tues Mar 16 Mostly Sunny 74°/53° 10 %
Wed Mar 17 Partly Cloudy 77°/58° 20 %
Thu Mar 18 Partly Cloudy 78°/53° 0 %
Fri Mar 19 Partly Cloudy 70°/54° 10 %
Sat Mar 20 Partly Cloudy 75°/56° 10 %
Sun Mar 21 Partly Cloudy 79°/56° 10 %

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Sound like wonderful weather.
Up here in the frozen north, we are looking at 10-18 inches of snow today from a nor'easter that is blowing in around mid day.
March is a tough month in New England. You feel like spring is coming any day now, then Wham! :mad1:

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Hey Redcloud-

This is all the fault of a guy from Stoneham who bought my
'00 Nomad Sunday! He's been watching the forecast, trying
to figure out how/when he'll be able to take it home....
told him this is what happens when you buy a bike! :roll:

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DAMN!!! I have a hundred mile ride south to MF Friday morning. It looks as if I will have to wear my super heavy insulated leather coat or my Joe Rocket winter coat with liner. I was hopeing for warm weather!!!!!!!
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