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Well At least Boomer hasn't posted a picture of him and the Ohio bunch going to eat on there bikes and Sully hasn't posted about how much he loves this weather. (no snow and temps in 40s and 50s)
Like Taddpole told you. RTE on Wednesday as it was in the mid 40's. I put on about 200 miles by not taking the direct route. I rode a little on Friday but it was cool. only 26* and only rode 45 miles.

Oh I am sure that's next :wink2:

We got all of 5 and them some . Light fluffy yet and 250r is having a blast .

Doughnuts anybody ?
OH NO!! If you mention doughnuts I imagine Hoosierdaddy will be on his way. :lol::lol:
May all this stuff stay in WI. :snow1::snow1::snow1:

Oh yea. It frosted while I was at the Dells. But we didn't have a frost until the week before Thanksgiving. :nojoke: That is very late for us.
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