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My wife and I listen our music on speakers only (using headsets for intercom only). We have a 2013 airbag. The music quality is not bad...but was wondering could it be better.

I know this topic has been explored before but it was mostly for pre-2012 models. Is 2012+ model stereo system already improved comparing to a previous model?

Did anybody improved their stereo system on 2012+ model? What did you do? Which parts (speakers, amps) did you use? Did the upgrade make a significant improvement? Would upgrading the speakers only (the easiest way) make a big difference?

Don't get me wrong - I'm aware that a complete overhaul of the stereo system done by a professional shop would make a big difference. But I'm not looking for a $2000 solution...just checking would upgrading a speakers of maybe adding a small amp be worthwhile.

Thank you for your input, guys.

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