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The IBA is looking for someone to sign up to do this special memorial SS 1000 Ride in AK. I have attached the information and POC below.


Jack had often said that he'd like to ride Saddle Sore 1000's in each of the 50 states, and he was well on his way to accomplishing that goal when his life was cut short by a heart attack. In his honor and memory, a select group of us will be able to memorialize Jack's dream by riding in-state SS1k's in each of the 50 states on one day. Suggested dates are October 15 or October 22. Those days should present decent weather--not too hot and not too cold.

If you would like to participate in this historic event, please let me know what date would be best (if you can do either please say so) and what state you would like to ride in. If you would be willing to ride in any one of several states, please let me know that, since I'm certain there will be some states without firm volunteers.

The IBA will issue a very special certificate for this ride at a discounted price of $22 (certification only program). All IBA rules will apply as to documentation and, if the ride is circuitous (like it must be in some of the eastern states) special witness rules may apply.

Jack was a friend and, at least to me, a hero. He was truly a LD rider. He completed countless IBA events. Let's add this event to his legacy.

I will be the IBA point person on this historic series of rides. If you can participate, please send me an email so I can maintain a mail list and keep list of who is doing what. Please include the state you are going to attempt so I can keep a master list of the states we need to cover.

Howard Entman
[email protected]
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