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2018 Honda Gold Wing
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Going to order today but want to ask a couple of things first.

1. I seem to remember seeing a power connector under the right fairing pocket when having the shelter off but EC says I must order the aux cable for '06 and newer because Honda removed it. I don't want to pull the pocket just to look.... is there or is there not a power connector under the right pocket on my '07 and too many recreation pharmaceuticals in my youth made me imagine things?.
The 01 to 05 models had the power connector under the right fairing pocket but Honda deleted it on the 06 and up models.....I must have spend over a hour looking for that plug when I was helping my friend install the EC heated grips on his 06.

2. If I have to use the aux cable will I loose the power point on the left for my left pocket power point or does it have a "y" connector for that side?.
I believe it is a y connector that plugs into the red power lead on the left side pocket.

3. I'm assuming both EC cards plug into connectors off the switch so only one source of power is needed for the switch correct?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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