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Speed Bleeders

The size(s) that you need for your application is as follows:

7 total. Right front top and lower, 2. Left front top and lower, 2. Rear, 2. And clutch, 1. The bleeders are $7 each for steel and $15 each for stainless steel.

hen you order Speed Bleeder consider ordering the "Bleeder / Bag Combo". It will make bleeding your brakes even easier. It consists of a 30 inch length of silicone tubing that is specifically sized to the Speed Bleeders and a bleeder bag that looks like an IV bag that is used in hospitals. Attach one end of the hose to the Speed Bleeder nipple and the other end to the bleeder bag. Open the Speed Bleeder 1/4 turn and proceed to bleed your caliper or wheel cylinder. The fluid will be contained in the bleeder bag and eliminates any unnecessary mess.
Speed Bleeder can be ordered at

Michael Sulwer

Actually it takes 8 total if you include the clutch.,he left out the one on top of the anti-dive valve.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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