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New Stamps Misspell 'Motorcycle'
Sep 01 1:11 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer

The Postal Service recently, with great fanfare, issued a new set of stamps depicting motorcycles. Collectors who buy copies issued on the first day the stamps are available can get them with a special commemorative postmark. Unfortunately, the colorful postmark spells it "motorcyle."
Having discovered this, the post office announced Friday that new orders for first-day envelopes will have a corrected postmark.

Unless the buyer wants it spelled wrong. In that case they can still order the version with the incorrect postmark. Just include a note asking for the incorrect version.

Any collectors who already have misspelled versions can trade them for the corrected version by sending them to INFORMATION FULFILLMENT, DEPT US POSTAL SERVICE, PO BOX 219424, KANSAS CITY, MO, 64121-9424.
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