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I just bought an '03 GL1800 with 38K miles. Everything works like it's supposed to but there is a clunk when I let go of the starter button after I've started the bike. I've had several starters on cars and bikes that made a clunk when engaging the gear/flywheel. But never had a starter clunk on release. It doesn't matter if the bike is cold or warm. Starts fine and smooth, release starter button and "clunk", the starter disengages. If this is normal, then awsome. If not, then what do you Goldwing Gurus think.

Thanks for the help,

Not normal. Could be the engage/disengage mechanism for the starter motor is sticky, and "clunks when it disengages, but I am just guessing.

Battery problem??? IMHO not likely.

Good luck..Ride safe.
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