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Lexington, South Carolina. My bike insurance is with State Farm and it is just under 500 dollars per year, full coverage.

The little green lizard wants 2100 dollars.
Progressive was a bit more.
Nationwide, would not fart in their parking lot. Have no idea, but have dealt with them before, do not care to ever again.
The above prices are for the bike only, no other vehicles or home insurance.

I think the reason insurance is reasonable is we do get better rates because our home and autos are insured with them.

I suppose all the hurricanes in Florida has gotten a lot of insurance companies scared. I used to have a house in Punta Gorda, just up from Fort Meyers. All that is there now is the footing.

On the coastal areas I think none of the insurance will insure or if they do it will be at a very high cost. Because of the hurricanes.

Somewhere I saw that the government is rebuilding homes lost that were sitting directly on the beach front, sounds about like something they would do.

I suspect many insurance companies will refuse to insure homes in high risk areas. Has something to do with state laws and business practices too, I think the state tells them if you do business in our state and insure homes you have to insure those on the coast , not just inland ones. Not sure exactly but there is a state imposed situation there also.

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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