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I was dropped by Nationwide after 44 years as a customer. When they dropped my homeowners policy, I switched my car over to Progressive where my bike was insured. Payback!
What did I gain? My homeowners policy (including hurricane coverage) went from Nationwide's $3856 a year to a new policy with a Grade A company (even better coverage) at $1125 a year and the rate did not increase one penny this year. My wife's car went from Nationwide's $1375 a year to Progressive's even better policy coverage at $989 a year. Substantial savings. I blindly thought Nationwide was watching my back all these years. Instead they were robbing me blind.
I hope State Farm, Allstate, and others get the message that today's consumer isn't going to take it anymore. Do yourself a favor and start shopping around.
Too bad for the rest of the country outside of Florida. Their rates will now go up nationwide to make up for the loss of revenue. Even people in Illinois will pay more because of the effects of freezing weather (frozen pipes, iced up tree limbs falling on roofs and cars, etc.) Even California(earthquakes, brush fires, etc.) The risks aren't just in Florida. Each state carries their own risks and floods are everywhere across the country.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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