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State Farm will not be handling homeowner's insurance policies in Florida anymore but will continue to sell auto, life and health insurance in the state. In most cases the homeowner will wind up paying more for possibly less coverage with another company. A similiar thing happened a few years ago when AllState dropped many homeowners policies in Florida and many had to pay much more elsewhere. I've been reading the comments on the news websites left by readers who say that if State Farm drops their homeowner's insurance they will take their auto insurance elsewhere. I have State Farm for homeowner's 3 autos, 2 motorcycles, PWC, boat etc. I'm not jumping to any decisions yet but this does have me pretty pissed off. Most people who say they will drop their auto insurance with State Farm say it is because the auto insurance is very profitable for State Farm and they don't want to give them any business at all after this.:no::wrong::cus::banghead:
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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