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I had SF for many years until one day I asked if they covered my spouse on my motorcycle.

Their answer was "NO". NO liability for a spouse but you may have it for another person that you are not related too. Makes NO sense to me.

Most SF policies only cover the bike, which was fine for me becasuse I have very good health insurance that will cover what ever happens to me.
Not cover my spouse? That is just wrong!

I dropped them like a hot potato and moved on. I have had progressive but for the money (lower premiums and more coverage) I am now with Geico.

I am happy but my premiums are not low. I pay $1100 a year for 2 bikes. About $900 just for the wing. I am covered for $300,000/$100,000/$300,000.

And that to me is like the minimum coverage in this day and age. Especially sense autos and trucks cost more to fix.

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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