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Gars, sadly risk isn't able to pick and choose. Price is the ultimate way for a company to regulate it's risk ($ incoming vs. project $ outgoing). If you're with a company that write policies in a large area, you indeed share in the risk of those areas...your example of not wanting to insure against a hurricane is flawed since ALL risks of ALL perils create the mathematical possibility for the insurance company to make money.

It's like Vegas, you don't get to play blackjack and only get face cards. :)

That most things in this economy, I'm weighing EVERY "relationship" I have with companies. Unless there truly is something that distinguishes a company and gets me something valuable (a value proposition) I shop price and adjust my expectations accordingly. State Farm? I'd keep them IF I couldn't either find a better price/company. Otherwise? They're not loyal to me so I'm not loyal to them. "I've been doing business with them for years" is a thought that has become an antique. I watch out for me and mine and the loyalty only matters if it is TRULY mutual.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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