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Steering question/concerns

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I have a 2013 F6B with a Hannigan sidecar. My question is, I have my front tire raised off the ground. While checking full handle bar range of motion. I'm noticing it almost comes to a complete stop when it reaches the center point. It requires a little extra push to continue movement. Hope you guys can understand my question..Is this normal or do I have a problem. Thanks in advance. Arty
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If the front fork exhibits a self centering action at the straight ahead position that sounds like the steering head bearings require replacement. The OEM bearings are ball bearing and the balls have hammered dents in the outer race.
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You have notched steering head bearings and they need to be replaced. Since a replacement is needed, getting tapered rollers instead of balls would be the best option. I would suggest the Japan made tapered bearings, but my source for what I put on my 2010 is gone. The only others I know about are "All Balls" and I think Wing Stuff has them listed.
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Thanks for the super quick replies. I thought I had an issue. Thanks again, Arty
I am capable of doing about 95 percent of this repair. Is there anyone in Massachusetts who can help assist with the removal and correct installation of tapered roller bearings? Thanks again, Arty
When I had the lower triple tree off the bike I had a Honda dealer remove the lower bearing and install the inner race of the Allballs tapered roller bearing. They charged me $27 Canadian. I used a piece of threaded rod to draw the new outer races into the chassis using a piece of flat bar that was radiused on the ends to match the bearing.
I got mine in November 2017 from pyramid in UK and have 35k miles on them now.
About $50.

Japanese made NTN is what was in the box to me. Says on website NTN,Koyo, and maybe NSK all Japanese made.
They guaranteed these would not be Chinese.

They also have front wheel bearings for 2001-2017 GL1800- It must say WB30-KOYO which is the Japanese brand. WB-30 without Koyo is who knows what.
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