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Both of you stated that you have a way of righting a tipped over bike that a normal person can accomplish. Would both of you share your way of doing the task.

I will be very grateful for your input or anyone elses legitimate procedure.

Woke up this morning from a unpleasant dream, Yup you guessed it, I dreamt I layed my bike in the driveway.

Not superstious just want to "Be Prepared" Still a good Scout. :unclesmile:

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I will do my best to describe the method I used. Other members might want to jump in and help make it clearer if I do not do a good job.

1. If it is on the right side put the side stand down and make sure it is in gear.
2. If it is on the left side you will just have to be more careful as you bring it up so it does not go on over. Hopefully you will have a second person there to assist. ( I did Not)
3. You will back up to the bike.

At this ime we will picture you picking up the bike from the left side.
4. Have your feet spread apart at least as wide as your shoulder.
5. With your right hand you will grab the handle grip and make sure the front wheel is all the way to the left.
6. With your left hand you will grab the passenger seat handle.
7. Not knowing your height, this is a little more difficult to describe. You have to set yourself so you can pick up the bike with mosty leg pressure doing the lifting.
8. As you lift the bike you will have to be able to get the side stand down. I accommplished this by slowly turning around with my right hand still attached to the handlebar and then put the kick stand down. It is kind a of cumbersome task to accomplish, but it can be done.

Boy, I tried to describe it. I hope I did not make it too confusing :?:

I did take my wing out in the yard and practiced after the first time I dropped it. The only thing wrong with the yard is the case guard and the rear guard will sink into the grass and make it a little more difficult.

There was a link posted to a site that I am sure will help you more than I did.

Maybe the person who posted it will do it again.


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Buck - sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Just got back from Las Vegas @ 1:00 this morning....was out there for 4 days to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. :D

I'm not sure what to tell you that others haven't already said....... I 'just' grab it by a handlebar and a seat handle and give it a good lift. I've tried facing the bike, and also with my back to the bike, and tend to prefer facing the bike.

Best advice is not to dump the bike, but if you do.......have an audience - that way the 'embarassment adreneline' kicks in to help. :oops:
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