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Got the 2003 Wing out of hibernation yesterday and was using the cruise control. Had no problem getting it set but when I went to turn it off the button moved but the green indicator light verbage was still on. I have also had this problem with the radio buttons for changing from AM to FM. Is there anything I could spray on them to help? Would I have to remove covers etc to get at the actual guts to free things up?

Thanks in advance.
Wing Duffer,
For the radio buttons, look close for sand/grit that gets in the cracks. A tooth pick will get those out, and "Tunnel Fillers" will keep them out.

ww91 said:
The cruise turns off? Huh... the things you learn here....:eek:
:agree:For the cruise control, mine has been stuck on for the past six years. I haven't fixed it because I couldn't think of a reason that I would cut it off. :shrug:

If you really want to fix it, Fred H has a good site with instructions for the reverse switch; all those push-button switches work the same.

Good Luck!
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