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Sturgis 2018

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Obviously there is not a lot of action on this part of the forum but i figured its worth a shot... I also posted it in the Massachusetts page...:nerd:

I did this almost four years ago and did actually go...I only found one fellow winger who went with me and we had a great time...except sleeping in a tent on the ground! Now that I have my pop up trailer....compared to my last experience, it will be heaven...

I didn't get to do 1/2 of what I wanted to but overall with the exception of the weather and a soggy tent I had a blast... And want to see all of it this time! And Lynyrd Skynyrd is performing at the buffalo chip. If you haven't been there and seen a concert you haven't seen a concert!

YES it is mostly Harley's but there are plenty of "jap bikes" there as well... AND if you are a motorcycle nut in general, like me it is well worth going... AND just PEOPLE watching...

If you have never been out there the riding is amazing and I am itchy to go again...I am not made of money and cannot see (or afford to...) spending a fortune to stay somewhere when I can sleep in my new hotel on wheels...camping is pretty cheap at the place I stayed last time and they had clean showers and food etc...

Just wondering if anyone is thinking of it for 2018 and looking for a riding partner... :grin2:
If you are interested contact me at [email protected]
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